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"What does KARNDEAN look like"? 


The 'tiles' vary in thickness from between 2.5mm - 3.00mm, and its shape & size depends upon the the type of flooring that it is replicating .. so it can be a 'square tile' in a variety of sizes .. or 'planks' of varying widths & lengths .. edging border strips .. narrow feature/design/metallic strips .. or central room designs, so using a combination of different tiles, it is possible to design your own individual floor layout.


Examples can be viewed at our NAILSWORTH & TETBURY branches, as both have floor areas that have been fitted with a selection of KARNDEAN tiles, in a variety of designs. The entire range can also be viewed on 'tile sample boards' & brochures, that are available at both branches.



"What is KARNDEAN"?


It is an exceptionally durable form of customised vinyl, which replicates all the beauty of natural flooring materials, with none of the practical drawbacks .. it is realistic, versatile, warm & quiet underfoot, durable, hygienic, and requires low maintenance.



"How is KARNDEAN fitted"?


The tiles are fitted to the floor with a strong adhesive, so a good level floor is essential. Concrete floors are usually prepared with a 'self levelling screeding compound', and wooden floors prepared with a layer of 'plywood'. 


Our KARNDEAN fitter, SCOTT, has over 20 yrs fitting experience, and when it comes to the floor preparation and fitting of KARNDEAN  tiles, he is both the 'expert and the perfectionist'.  


"What is the cost of a KARNDEAN floor"?


Due to the large range of tiles that are available, and the unlimited number of tile combinations, overall costs will vary depending upon the complexity of the designs used. However, as a general guide, the overall cost to supply & fit KARNDEAN, is apprx £50 - £70 sqm, depending upon which range is used.


There are 5 x main ranges, increasing in price, starting with the KNIGHT TILE range, then RENOIR, VAN GOGH, MICHELANGELO & finally DE VINCI.

Contact either of our branches

NAILSWORTH   tel.  01453 835070

TETBURY   tel.  01666 500345

 for FREE advice, measures and quotes.



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